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Relax on our outside covered deck overlooking Allatoona Lake.  Enjoy excellent hand prepared food served fresh, hot and fast.  Try one of our 14 draft beers (including house brew "AG Lager".  House trained mixologists make Island inspired cocktails old school starting with muddled fruits and top tier mixers.  Grab a Berry Crush for a light refreshing drink which can be made with or without alcohol.  Want something more exotic, dip into a Traditional TIKI drink or AG's famous Rum Punch which incorporates 8 Different ingredients, mixed in bulk and served from a tap.  

Teleport to a Island Style utopia and relax @ THE DECK

All of our Steaks and Chops are Seared in a natural wood charcoal grill. We use the “Santa Maria Grill” from Argentina to lower the cooking surface into a fire brick oven fueled by charcoal. This allows the meat to sear in the flavor and juices while adding the mildly smoke flavor. The meat is then finished in a 1200-degree Broiler.

Good Humor Ice Cream, Cold Sandwiches and Snacks, F'real Milkshakes/Smoothies, Package Beer and Wine,

Covered Deck to Sit and Enjoy the Scenery.  

Located on our Boat Rental Dock. 

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